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We are committed to creating an environment where our client-companies, client-candidates and our employees win. With an old-fashion commitment to quality and to deliver results, we establish a win-win-win relationship. When we take on a search, it is with the strongest determination to be successful.


Our documented, structured training program ensures that our clients receive the same superior level of service from every team member. We spend hours each week training and developing each employee. This level of training is uncommon in our industry because of the investment required but the results speak for themselves!


We have a very high standard of ethical behavior at Vision Quest Consultants. We never misrepresent and we do not represent clients that miss-categorize their backgrounds. Every team member strives to give honest information at all times. Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of our success!

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Opportunity Amidst Upturn

Most everyone in the Oil and Gas industry is familiar with OPEC, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Back in 2014, OPEC called for a rebalance of the Oil and Gas industry in order to prevent further decline. This plan revolves heavily around the reduction of oil production, which in turn will bring up the cost per barrel. In accordance with OPEC’s decision to rebalance the oil and gas market, Russia has been reducing their production. This change paired with the dropping value of the US dollar and the critical political situation in Venezuela have both added to the rise of crude oil prices. Amidst talks of the upcoming trade agreement between the United States and China, there’s a significant rise in crude oil prices. President Trump tweeted about the rising oil... Read More →

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