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We are committed to creating an environment where our client-companies, client-candidates and our employees win. With an old-fashion commitment to quality and to deliver results, we establish a win-win-win relationship. When we take on a search, it is with the strongest determination to be successful.


Our documented, structured training program ensures that our clients receive the same superior level of service from every team member. We spend hours each week training and developing each employee. This level of training is uncommon in our industry because of the investment required but the results speak for themselves!


We have a very high standard of ethical behavior at Vision Quest Consultants. We never misrepresent and we do not represent clients that miss-categorize their backgrounds. Every team member strives to give honest information at all times. Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of our success!

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business people group on meeting and presentation in bright modern office with construction engineer architect and worker looking building model and blueprint planbleprint plans

Why You Should Pursue a Career in Upstream Engineering

When it comes to deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, important considerations include: What are you good at/what are your skillsets? What do you actually enjoy doing? What would your chances be of landing a job in your chosen field? If you are good at math/science, enjoy specialized work, and want to enter into a very promising industry, a career in upstream engineering may be right for you. Continue reading to learn more about why you should pursue a career in upstream engineering. People will tell you that pursuing a business degree is a foolproof way to guarantee you will get a job after graduation. Unfortunately, not only is a business degree very broad, but so many others have been told the same advice. There are no shortage of college graduates with business... Read More →

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