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3 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Houston For Business

a crisp cityscape of the downtown Houston Texas skyline on a nice summer dayIf you want to be involved in the thriving and lucrative oil and gas industry, there is no better place to be than Houston. Find out why this city has been named the #1 place for new job opportunities by organizations across the US.

  1. Houston Is The #1 City For Businesses
    It’s no secret, Houston’s job market has been booming and it has landed itself as the #1 city for job creation in the United States- and this wasn’t a close call by any means. According to Business Insider, the percentage of job increases in Houston skyrocketed this spring by 309%! Dallas came in second at 223.6%, and Washington D.C. at 171.5%. The opportunity to find a job here is increasing by the day!
  2. Houston Is Home Base To 26 Fortune 500 Companies In America
    Many of the Fortune 500 companies are well established in the ‘energy corridor’, making Houston, Texas the mecca for oil and gas industry job opportunities.
  3. Houston Is A Hub For America’s Oil & Gas Industry
    Not only is this lucrative industry booming in America, it is close to other oil and gas fields in Latin America making this the most desirable hub location. The energy sector in this part of Houston is responsible for providing about 3.4% off all of the jobs in the area (since 2013).

If you are interested in being part of this extremely profitable industry, your opportunities are endless in Houston! Contact the team at Vision Quest for more information about jobs related to the oil and gas industry!


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