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5 Factors Oil and Gas Recruiters Look For in Candidates

KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 26, 2013: Pumpjacks extract oil from an oilfield in Kern County,With over 13 years of experience as an engineering recruitment agency, Vision Quest Consultants has observed what it takes to land your dream career. Securing a career in this industry can oftentimes be difficult if certain aspects are not recognized. If you are an engineer looking to get into the oil and gas industry, the following factors will be helpful to consider during your search.

1. Experience
One of the primary reasons that human resources directors in the oil and gas industries will not hire a possible candidate is the lack of experience. Major companies are running a huge risk by employing someone that has not worked in the specific field. For example, new hires tend to underestimate what it takes to work in upstream engineering, which can lead to them leaving their jobs. To avoid this costly mistake, companies look for experience. Are you one of the individuals with no experience? Consider working for an oil or gas-related company to gain the necessary knowledge. By doing this, you show that you are more suitable for the job you are seeking.

2. Research
You have accomplished the first step. You have landed the interview. Do you know what your potential position entails? Are you aware of the company’s history, accomplishments and industry in general? It is vital to do thorough research on every aspect of your potential career prior to your interview. Focus on how your engineering knowledge and abilities can assist in the company’s success. Plan out which questions you want to ask and prove to the employer that you know what you are talking about. When you show a genuine interest and have familiarity of the industry, you will prove that you are experienced and will rise above other applicants.

3. Certifications & Training
Nowadays, it is becoming a standard to have the necessary certifications and training complete before your initial interview. Doing so will help your résumé from getting tossed aside. While it may seem obvious to get the proper certifications and training done ahead of time, many applicants make the mistake of applying to jobs in the middle of their training period. In reality, rushing the process will really only slow you down. Take your time, get the proper training and start searching when you are 100% ready.

4. References
A large number of careers in the oil and gas industry are landed through networking. More often than not, big companies will ask their employees for candidate referrals. There are many reasons why companies do this. First, getting a referral from a trusted employee usually guarantees quality assurance and reliable performance. Second, this allows them to directly contact the potential employee and makes the hiring process easier. Lastly, time is of the essence and having a reference for the candidate saves the employer a lot of time. Search for forums, organizations and websites that target to oil and gas industry workers and start networking. Communicating with peers in the industry will never hurt your chances and you never know what can come of knowing someone.

5. Timing
Did you know that certain times of the year are better for finding chemical engineering jobs? More often than not, major companies will load up on new hires around October & November for the busy winter season. An ideal time to start applying for engineering jobs (or contacting an oil and gas recruiter) is the period between the end of June and the beginning of October.

We understand how hard the job hunt can be and we hope that these tips help you find the dream career you are looking for. All of the headhunters here at Vision Quest Consultants wish you luck in your search.


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