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5 Questions to Ask During An Interview

Businessman sitting at desk holding pen with filesHere at Vision Quest, we work hard to be one of the best recruiting agencies for our employers. In order to do so, we need to make sure our candidates are more than prepared for their interview. In most employers’ eyes, candidates who ask questions in the interview have a better chance of landing the job. Asking questions is crucial in showing that you care about the company to which you are applying. These questions will show you how to take that extra step in turning the tables on the interviewer so you can exude leadership and confidence. Take a look at the top 5 questions that you should ask when interviewing for your dream career.

1. How does this role help the company’s growth?
This question will help you realize the level of engagement the employer will expect from you. Does your role have a large impact on the company’s success? This question will open up a deeper conversation and help you decide if you are comfortable with the level of responsibility.

2. Who will I be working with?
Use this question to get some insight on the company’s dynamic and culture. Your colleagues will be people you are spending every day with, so you need to make sure their dynamic is something you are ready to work with.

3. How will my duties make your job easier?
There are two tiers to this question. In one way, you will find out which departments or coworkers will be relying on you the most. Second, you will understand what you will need to execute in order to keep your colleagues happy.

4. How does your company measure success?
Hearing how your development in this role will be measured will give you an idea of whether or not you will be successful. Get specific on what will be expected of you and the work habits of other team members whom they see as successful.

5. What is your company’s mission?
This is probably the most important question that you can ask your interviewer. Employers appreciate employees that share their same goals and values. This question tends to open up a more philosophical conversation and really helps you get to know who you will be working for.

What’s great about these questions is that you will get different answers at each interview you experience. You will stand out amongst the crowd of candidates and will give them that extra push to call you. For more interviewing tips and advice, contact our recruiting experts at Vision Quest today!


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