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5 Reasons Employers Should Use Job Recruiters

Group of people shaking hands infront of New York skyline.Employers: if you are looking to fill open positions at your company quickly, you should consider using job recruiters. Finding qualified candidates, contacting them, interviewing them, and verifying their qualifications can take up so much of your time. Even with all of that time spent, you may not end up with the best talent. With the help of a job recruiter, you can quickly fill open positions with your ideal job candidates.

Here are 5 great reasons why employers should use job recruiters to fill their open positions:

  1. Recruiters save you time.

Trying to fill open positions yourself involves quite a few time-consuming steps. You’ll have to compose a job advertisement and post that on various job sites. Then you’ll need to weed through the job applications and hope that at least a few résumés match the required qualifications. This initial process can take weeks, and then you’ll still have to conduct interviews, check references, and decide who to hire.

Job recruiters may already have the perfect candidate in mind for your opening, saving you time searching. If a job recruiter recommends a candidate to you, they will have already checked their qualifications, career goals, and experience. You won’t have to waste any time on less-than-ideal job candidates.

  1. Recruiters can help keep you focused.

In highly specialized industries such as oil & gas or engineering, your jobs can be incredibly demanding. Your time at work should be spent focused on your job duties, rather than on scouring job sites or reading through stacks of résumés.

With the help of a job recruiter, you can stay focused on what matters, which is the job you are being paid to do.

  1. Recruiters can find you the best people.

Often, employers will only use one or two different job sites as means to find job seekers. When you do this, you are limiting your candidate pool. How can you be sure you will find the right fit for every open position on LinkedIn, for example?

Job recruiters pull candidates from all types of sources, including many different job websites. They can search profiles of “passive” job seekers, or those who are not actively applying for jobs. They can draw from their connections and resources, which they have likely been building for years. Their network and tools for finding job seekers are much more comprehensive than yours, so they have a greater chance of finding exactly what you need in a candidate.

  1. Recruiters can fill positions quickly.

Time is money when it comes to filling job openings. If you have an open position at your company, you could be losing money for all of the time the position remains unfilled.

If you need a position filled quickly, your job recruiter can make it happen. They can draw from their pool of qualified candidates and set you up with an interviewee as soon as you are available for interviews.

  1. Recruiters can serve as gatekeepers.

Your job recruiter will interview potential candidates before they are sent your way. This allows them to weed out the under-qualified or sub-par applicants for you. When you work with a recruiter, you can have them ask candidates specific questions to be sure a candidate would be a good fit. This will include finding out whether the job seeker is really interested in your company and how long they would plan on staying in the position if accepted.

Don’t waste your valuable time and efforts on the wrong candidates for your company. To learn more about what a job recruiter can do for you, click below.


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