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Your Future in IT

Searching for the ideal candidate is time consuming, and in the IT Industry, we understand the need for a quick process. At Vision Quest Consultants, we have a fast-paced procedure that is thorough and detail oriented. This is to ensure that during the interview we are finding... Read More →

Renewed Vigor in Offshore

The extreme amount of layoffs in the Oil and Gas Industry over the past years has been no surprise to those working in the field. Until recently, there had been a steady decline in the industry, which left many companies desperate and in need of changes to keep afloat. There’s... Read More →

Opportunity Amidst Upturn

Most everyone in the Oil and Gas industry is familiar with OPEC, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Back in 2014, OPEC called for a rebalance of the Oil and Gas industry in order to prevent further decline. This plan revolves heavily around the reduction of... Read More →
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Why You Should Pursue a Career in Upstream Engineering

When it comes to deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, important considerations include: What are you good at/what are your skillsets? What do you actually enjoy doing? What would your chances be of landing a job in your chosen field? If you are good at... Read More →
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5 Reasons Employers Should Use Job Recruiters

Employers: if you are looking to fill open positions at your company quickly, you should consider using job recruiters. Finding qualified candidates, contacting them, interviewing them, and verifying their qualifications can take up so much of your time. Even with all of that... Read More →
KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 26, 2013: Pumpjacks extract oil from an oilfield in Kern County,

5 Factors Oil and Gas Recruiters Look For in Candidates

With over 13 years of experience as an engineering recruitment agency, Vision Quest Consultants has observed what it takes to land your dream career. Securing a career in this industry can oftentimes be difficult if certain aspects are not recognized. If you are an engineer... Read More →
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5 Questions to Ask During An Interview

Here at Vision Quest, we work hard to be one of the best recruiting agencies for our employers. In order to do so, we need to make sure our candidates are more than prepared for their interview. In most employers’ eyes, candidates who ask questions in the interview have a better... Read More →
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Networking: 4 Beneficial Reasons Why You Need To Do It

Networking and building professional relationships with people within your industry is one of the most critical tools towards business development and growth as an individual. Getting to the top of the corporate ladder is difficult and takes hard work and dedication. One of the... Read More →
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3 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Houston For Business

If you want to be involved in the thriving and lucrative oil and gas industry, there is no better place to be than Houston. Find out why this city has been named the #1 place for new job opportunities by organizations across the US. Houston Is The #1 City For BusinessesIt’s no... Read More →