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Finding the Right Recruiting Firm as a Candidate

BlogPost1Most of the top candidates in the market are inundated by various forms of communications from various recruiters. You might get emails, spam mail, phone calls, invites to join various groups, LinkedIn connection requests, and more.

With so much coming at you, there is no way to respond to everyone. Who deserves your time? Start with some very brief research. Look at the company’s web page. Is it professional or just thrown together? This will let you know if you are dealing with someone in their living room or a professional firm with resources to be effective.

If you call into the recruiter’s office is there the noise of others around? If not, you might be dealing with a one-person shop. Why is it important to get a professional firm and not a single person “recruiting firm”? Well, the small or single person firms cannot afford to market someone effectively. They are in survival mode and need to push every possible option, which is not always in the best interest of the candidate.

Does the recruiting firm have a specific process defined on how they work with you? Do they offer to interview you in the office (if you are in the same town) or at least a Skype interview?

Have they been out to the client company sites and met with the hiring authority? What can they tell you about the company, the opportunity, and the hiring manager that is not on the company web site?

Do they charge you a fee?

Good recruiting firms do not charge candidates fees. Good recruiting firms take the time to do their homework and can give you so much information about the opportunities that they are presenting to you. A good recruiting firm has a documented, structured way in which they do business.

There are good recruiting firms that care about you and your career goals. They, like us, are not just in it for a fee but want a long-term relationship.

Take the time to look for them, or call us!

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