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Finding the Right Recruiting Firm as an Employer

BlogPost2There is no shortage of recruiting firms that want your business. In fact, I would wager that you are called weekly, if not daily by recruiters wanting your business. So how do you choose? You definitely do not want to work with any and every recruiter that calls. That will cause the good ones to go to less crowded positions. Be aware of the old adage: the bottom feeders will take anything.

So what do you look for? Start by having a conversation (not an email exchange). This will allow
you to instantly gauge their response without giving them time to compose a well-worded
snow job.

Important questions should include:

What is your market specialty? If they do not have one, this is the first strike. You need someone that knows your market inside and out.

How big is your team? You need to know if you are dealing with a professional firm or someone who is in their pajamas speaking to you from the kitchen table.

Do you meet your candidates and interview them? Yes, that is still done. We and other good recruiting firms meet the candidates whenever possible. At the least, a good recruiting firm should do a Skype interview.

Do you do real recruiting or just scan job boards? Wow, this is hitting below the belt for 90% of “recruiting firms.” Most compete with the companies they serve to find the same candidate on the same job boards. The few good recruiting firms out there will want to know who your competition is and what stands out about your organization in comparison with the others.

Bottom line: A recruiting firm should not be judged on price alone. While that is important, effectiveness, timely results, established systems, and a successful track record should all be considered as well. The true recruiting firms will not be the cheapest, but they are worth the extra because they will fill the positions much faster and with a better-suited candidate.

Phil Tureau

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