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We are looking for a dynamic person to join our sales team. We are in high-growth mode and are looking for career minded sales professionals that desire to be part of a fast-paced environment. We have great training and are team oriented. Please look at the description below to see if you are the type of person who thrives in our environment.

Recruiter-Job Description

Purpose: To be the catalyst for arranging interviews and closing placements

Chain of Command: Reports directly to the Desk Set Supervisor or the Manager

Skills and Traits Requirements:

  1. Professional in communications and appearance
  2. Able to give clients honest feedback, even when it results in a loss of commissions
  3. Able to arrive at the office on-time, fully prepared, every day
  4. Enthusiastic about picking up the phone and cold-calling prospects
  5. Able to aggressively develop new business (a trail blazer)
  6. Able to get the job done without constant oversight by a supervisor
  7. Able to accept and implement best practices from training and mentoring provided
  8. Absolute integrity and honest at all times, understanding that reputation is everything
  9. Absolute commitment to keep sensitive information strictly confidential
  10. Able to manage work time effectively and strictly adhere to the “recruiters schedule”
  11. Highly organized and able to prioritize and follow-up daily with clients
  12. Able to thrive in a dynamic environment where priorities can change hourly
  13. Able to thoroughly obtain detailed information from candidates and client companies

Duties and Functions:

  1. Completed daily plan, for the next day, before leaving the office
  2. Make 20+ successful contact calls per day (minimum acceptable 15)
  3. Document all leads (minimum acceptable 10) - Calling Cards/PCR
  4. Get 5 Job Orders per week (minimum acceptable 3)
  5. Recruit and Interview a minimum of 3 candidates per week
  6. Arrange 5 interviews per week (minimum acceptable 3)
  7. Be involved in all candidate preps when you are working with either the candidate or the client company
  8. Get interview feedback from all your clients
  9. Maintain weekly contact with all clients
  10. Maintain effective communications with the team
  11. Negotiate and close placements