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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Vision Quest!

christmas tree in home living room with fireplaceThe holiday season is the prime time to update your resume and stay ahead of the game when starting the new year. A new year means new budgets for hiring at the companies in your industry. These companies are in need of new talent -a freshly updated resume and outgoing attitude will let them know that you qualify for their positions and are ready for a new start. January is the perfect time to look for a new career. Enjoy your time off and be ready for a fresh start come 2014. 2014 is expected to be a booming year in the oil and gas industry. Don’t let opportunities pass you by! Stay ahead of the game and beat out the competition. Now is the time to look at your career and consider your position’s growth, pay, and they overall atmosphere at your current company. Are you happy where you are right now?

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