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Networking: 4 Beneficial Reasons Why You Need To Do It

A businessman working on modern technology, selective focusNetworking and building professional relationships with people within your industry is one of the most critical tools towards business development and growth as an individual. Getting to the top of the corporate ladder is difficult and takes hard work and dedication. One of the most beneficial tools to getting where you want to be in your career has been and always will be networking. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Although our recruiting agency firmly believes that a strong education is essential toward a successful career, we also believe that networking opens up doors that wouldn’t necessarily be there. With Houston being one of the largest hubs for the oil and gas industry in America, networking in a city like this provides major opportunities to get your foot in the door. As experts in recruiting, Vision Quest knows first hand how resourceful these networking events can be.

Here are 4 reasons why you absolutely MUST join a networking group or attend the next event:

1. Knowledge Is Power

Networking is useful to share ideas and industry knowledge. Whether you are new to an industry, or have been around for 20 years there is ALWAYS something new to learn and something positive to gain. Sometimes hearing someone else’s point of view helps you see a different side that you never would have seen otherwise.

2. New Opportunities

Whether it is through a referral or offered partnership, it is crucial to your career to follow through with any opportunity that may come your way.

3. Connect The Dots

As these networking opportunities are great exposure to meet people in the industry, you are also making connections and building relationships. If you meet someone that you make a solid connection with, they will remember and will try to put you in touch with the right person as best as they can because they genuinely liked meeting you. Even if you walk away from a networking experience thinking you did not make any real connections, you have shown your face and started to plant the seed for future opportunities to come.

4. Boost Your Confidence

Are you shy towards people you have never met before? Breaking out of your comfort zone and walking into a room full of strangers is the best way to work on your personal growth development and increase confidence. If you want to be a business owner one day, having this skill will make you very successful!

There you have it! The 4 most important reasons why networking can be such a benefit to the development of your career and your personal growth! Our recruiting agency wants to see you succeed and we always want to bring useful resources to your attention. If you are interested in starting a new career in engineering or the oil and gas industry, contact our recruiters and find out how you can get involved in events coming up!


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