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Preparing For An Interview

business men shaking on a deal2014 is here and it is time to start thinking about your career. Houston’s oil and gas industry is booming right now, giving you great opportunities to find employment. As positions are becoming available, the demand has become highly competitive. Vision Quest wants to see you succeed and find a career that you love. We have put together few things that will prepare you for the questions an employer will most likely ask during an interview.

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

This is typically the conversation opener to any interview that you will ever have. The employer wants to see how you respond in an unstructured situation. Of course, they want to know more about you, but they also want to get a sense of how you communicate see what you think is important. It is almost a guarantee that you will be asked this question during your interview so preparing what to say before hand will ensure that you aren’t scrambling for things to say. Some things to include:

  • Mention where you grew up
  • Where you went to school
  • What you studied
  • What has lead you to apply for the job
  • Why this career path is right for you
  • Your strengths

What would you say are your weaknesses?

This question is always tricky. A quick response to this questions shows that you have prepared and evaluated yourself and can honestly admit something that isn’t your best quality. Take your weakness and turn it into a positive by explaining how you are working on it. For example: If your weakness is that you aren’t organized, your response should include that you use binders, folders and other office supplies so that it helps to keep everything organized.

Why do you want this job?

This is your golden opportunity to highlight all of your strengths and knowledge within this line of work. Tell the employers a story of how you became interested in the industry. Explain the similarities between your skills and the position you are applying for. Express how passionate you are about the job and why you are the person to fill the position.

If you assume that all employers will ask you these three questions during your interview, then there will be no surprises. Being prepared will make sure that you are answering questions thoroughly and articulately. Everyone gets a little nervous before an interview, but if you are prepared then you will be confident in your answers and the employer will know that you are serious about the job.

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