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Your Future in IT

Searching for the ideal candidate is time consuming, and in the IT Industry, we understand the need for a quick process. At Vision Quest Consultants, we have a fast-paced procedure that is thorough and detail oriented. This is to ensure that during the interview we are finding quality candidates that are ideal for your open position.

Often times, when dealing with “recruiters” in the IT Industry, employers will see the same resumes over and over. These contract houses are all using the same websites to search for candidates and simply forward the resumes to the potential employer. Vision Quest takes a more direct approach to recruiting. We recruit candidates, not typically found on overused databases and bring them into our office for an interview, go through their work history, skill set, and learn about their personalities- making sure they are a great fit for your company.


Vision Quest specializes in direct hire, which takes high level recruiting by qualified individuals. IT salaries are continually increasing, as it’s an exponentially growing industry. This makes now the perfect time to look for new opportunities in the IT field.

While there is a certain level of job security and benefits (healthcare, 401k, PTO) with direct hire positions, many people find the flow of contract jobs extremely refreshing. Contract work allows for you to learn new skills and work with new technology on a regular basis. This opens up an avenue where people are becoming experts in the industry in such a short period of time.

Whether you prefer direct hire or contract work, which is steadily becoming more common in this industry, the experts at Vision Quest Consultants will help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

If you are frustrated with the typical cookie-cutter approach either as a company looking for a key employee or a candidate looking for a career opportunity, Vision Quest Consultants is the answer. Let us show you the difference.

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